Solar Inverter Training Information

For any solar application,

it’s critical that the solution is flexible enough to meet your needs, and deliver the greatest possible return on investment…

In regions of the world where the grid is not reliable or energy prices are high, solar PV and energy storage can provide piece of mind, as well as an opportunity for investment by offsetting high energy prices. With this presentation you will learn how to leverage solar with energy storage to bring the greatest advantages to your customers. ” Click Here for Information”

  1. Solar Inverters 101 …..“Click Here”
  2. Conext XW+ Installation & Basic Setup  …..“Click Here
  3. Intro to the Conext SW Hybrid Inverter/Charger….“Click Here”
  4. Zero Export with Conext RL: “Click Here”
  5. Intro to the Conext CL Three Phase String Inverter: “Click Here”
  6. AC Coupling for Solar Application   “Click Here”
  7. Independent Review Video: “Click Here”
  8. City Of Cape Town Requirements: “Click Here”

Circuit Breaker Training

  1. Selection of a circuit-breaker “Click Here”
  2. The basic functions of LV switchgear  “Click Here”
  3. LV  – Electrical protection “Click Here”
  4. LV  – Isolation “Click Here”
  5. LV  – Switchgear control “Click Here”
  6. The switchgear “Click Here”
  7. Elementary switching devices “Click Here”
  8. Combined switchgear elements “Click Here”
  9. Choice of switchgear “Click Here”
  10. Switchgear selection “Click Here”
  11. Tabulated functional capabilities of LV switchgear  “Click Here”
  12. Circuit-breaker “Click Here”

Occupancy Sensor Training

Different applications require different sensors

Do you know which ones to use ?

  1.  “Click Here” for Schneider Electric sensors
  2.  “Click Here” for Legrand sensors

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