Bijoux Life is much more than a unique antiques dealer; it is a full-service interior design and decorating firm with a distinctive flair operating under the name Desmond Archibald Interiors.

Desmond Archibald is a master designer who manages entire design projects himself, from the initial concept right through to completion. He works with architects and contractors to efficiently handle the space planning and interior architecture, complementing this with resplendent furniture, décor accessories, wall and floor finishings, curtaining and upholstery.

Desmond transforms ordinary spaces into exceptional environments where texture, fabric, colour and art meet in a fusion of sheer magnificence. This bears testament to why his clients have come to completely rely on Desmond in choosing the fabrics, furniture and finishings for their spaces.

Desmond is also renowned for selecting exquisite antiques and perfectly restoring them, many of which are on display in his esteemed store, Bijoux Life, in Lynnwood Road. Visit Desmond there to chat about your next designer project, or to browse his extensive collection of restored antiques or new luxury homeware.

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